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Dog Rescue

Hurricane Creek K9, in addition to our working dogs, operates a fully licensed rescue.  The mission of our RESCUE TO RESOURCE program is to improve life for ALL dogs. Accordingly, we intake at risk dogs from local shelters, owners (case by case) and other unfortunate situations.  We require an application process to ensure each dog and family are a fit.  Please submit an application if you are interested.

We do, occassionally, have adoptable Working K9s available, in these cases we require an extended application process.  This is to ensure the home and the dog are correct for each other.  Working K9s require an above average level of attentionn and care to thrive, we will not adopt a Working K9, unless we can assure those needs can be met. These adoptable Working K9s will be pictured on this page when available.

**HCK9 offers 25% off training for our rescue dogs**


Luna came to us froma  TERRIBLE situation. She was one of 300 dogs found in absolutely deplorable conditions at a so called "rescue".  She has not let her time there deter her from wanting love, playing and generally loving life.  Luna loves eveyone and just wants to feel safe and loved.


Age: 2

Sex: Female

Temperment: Sweet, silly and playful

Kids: Great with kids of all ages

Size: Medium

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