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Matt & Samantha

Matt and Samantha, come from diverse backgrounds. Matt, policing in Georgia for 20 years, the majority handling and training Police K9s. Sam from Wall Street, passionately training dogs in her down time while studying under career dog trainers. Sam also found her passion in Search and Rescue and is an active member of Alpha Team Search and Rescue. 


You may be asking yourself, how does a girl from New Jersey and a cop from Georgia end up opening a Working K9 Kennel and Dog Lodge... Passion for the training all types of dogs, love of dogs and love of each other and....TikTok, ask them about their story. Together, with their extensive K9 background, they took the leap, Hurricane Creek K9 was born. HCK9 represents an all encompassing K9 facility. A place where we can service any need you may have for your pup. From training working K9 for Police Departments and the Federal Government, personal dog training, day camp and overnight boarding, to in home pet sitting and everything between and beyond. If it has to do with dogs, we probably do it. 

Matt and Sam live on the property of Hurricane Creek, along with Kash, Hawk, Scout, Toby, Gunner, Reika, and Nora, their personal and working pups. In their downtime (which isn't much), they enjoy traveling, finding good food, and exploring all the world has to offer. We hope you take the time to stop by and get to know them, they hope you feel at home here at Hurricane Creek.

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