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Hurricane Creek K9 is dedicated to serving law enforcement agencies by providing top-tier police K9s and innovative solutions to enhance public safety. Our commitment extends beyond providing K9 partners; we strive to support agencies in every aspect of their K9 program development and implementation.

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Needs Assessment

We work closely with agencies to assess their specific needs and objectives regarding implementing or expanding a K9 program.

Presentation Preparation

We help agencies prepare for presentations to governing councils or committees, providing guidance on messaging, data presentation, and addressing potential questions or concerns.

Proposal Services

Our team assists in crafting thorough and compelling proposals that outline the benefits, costs, and logistics of the proposed K9 program.


During presentations, we can accompany agency representatives to provide additional expertise and support in advocating for the proposed K9 program.

Let us help!

Fill out the form below, our team will reach out and begin the process of creating a proposal for your department.  Please fill out all requested information, this will assist in the creating your proposal.  

What kind o K9 are you looking for?

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